Clint has been playing video games since he figured out how to sneak out and play them at his friend's houses (sorry mom, should have let me have that SNES). Immersive RPGs, stealth action, and FPS are his bread and butter. A nerd at heart, and by trade, Clint has been working in the IT scene in Columbus, OH for over a decade. He lives outside of town with his wife and when he’s not trying to dig himself out of the colossal Steam backlog that he is buried under, he enjoys brewing beer, playing guitar, and messing with tech and power tools.

Getting down with: Disco Elysium
Trying really hard at: Dark Souls Remastered

Bryan is a long time talker, first time podcaster and lifelong video game player. After a hiatus from gaming during his college years (barring the obligatory Mario Kart and Smash Brothers) he returned to his old favorite pastime during the upswing of the indie gaming scene. Several years and many games later, he continues to enjoy playing games of all types and sizes, and the desire to share those experiences became the inspiration for the book club style discussions on this site. Aside from games, Bryan enjoys running, playing guitar, cooking, and traveling. He lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife, Liz, and their dog, Bandit.

Currently playing: Dark Souls (again)
Having tea with: Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Josh Galecki has been playing video games since before he was born. He enjoys making video games as well, and released Dwarven Depths for the Xbox Live Indie Games platform in 2011. It sold literally thousands of copies, so he likes to call himself a professional game developer. Other hobbies include playing piano or guitar, making stuff, brewing beer, and watching basketball. He lives in Cleveland with his fiancée Juliana and their two kittens.

Currently playing: Mana Spark, Star Traders: Frontiers
Feeling the love in: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime