Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami hit the indie scene back in 2012 and took the world by storm with its day glow stylish hyperviolence set in a hazy Miami cityscape. Seven years later as the series is re-released on the Nintendo Switch, the book club gang returns to the blood-soaked streets of Miami to talk about the games’ mastery of arcade action, flow state gameplay, and the use/impact of violence in games.

Three word reviews:

Bryan: Don’t Think, Play

Josh: Violent neon pinball

Clint: Techno Murder Trance

Music Credits:

In the Face of Evil by Magic Sword

M/O/O/N by Hydrogen

M/O/O/N by Crystals

Deep Cover by Sun Araw

El Huervo by Diasuke

Horse Steppin’ by Sun Araw

Inner Animal by Scattle 

Miami Disco by Perturbator